Thursday, 1 May 2014
The following petition has been posted by a German Muslim Convert on

The catholic church, as well as the evangelical and also others, have in the Federal Republic of Germany the right to call to pray by way of acoustic methods. But in the meantime we’ve got here in Germany many Muslims. For this reason, it is time that Muslims get better integrated in the Federal Republic and have the possibility to practice their religion in full. The daily call to prayer (Adhan) is also an element of this, and it has to be conducted five times a day!. I, Alexander Neß (Foto below), am an Islamic representative, and I make the following petition:

The German Parliament may take the decision that from the first of January, 2015, the Adhan (Muslim call to prayer) shall be conducted five times daily. The call to prayer shall be compulsory for all towns and communities in Germany. A condition for the installation of a Muezzin loudspeaker system is to be, however, that at least 500 Muslims inhabit the given part of the town. The loudspeaker systems are to be installed in a way that they cover the entire district/town part.
 Source: PI


Anonymous said...

its very nice. i love germany. germany is a nice democracy country. i am a us citizen. muezzin is very good!

Anonymous said...

I'm a U.S citizen, and I like Germany, and muslims suck.



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