Sunday, 22 December 2013

The hounding of Islam decrypters (Islam-Aufklärer)* continues big time: after the Deutsche Kreditbank, the Stadtsparkasse München and the Münchner Bank, the Postbank is now the fourth bank within a year to terminate my donations account. But not just that: they have also terminated by professional giro account, which I have had there for 28 years. In 1985 I started work as a journalist at Bayerisches Fernsehen and have worked with this account since then. After 28 years it ends because I provide information about Islam. The madness that that tightens round us like a noose in recent years will one day be seen as the third age of opinion fascism after East Germany and National Socialism.
Source: PI

[tn: can't quite think of a perfect English translation of this term. It means someone who provides information or explanations about something. Any better suggestions?]


Anonymous said...

- Great!

Now we know which banks to avoid, the sharia compliant ones

Anonymous said...

Jews will destroy the Europe by using Islam and Muslims.

Janet said...

re translation of Islam-Aufklärer - perhaps "Clarifier (one who makes something clear) of Islam" would be better? Exposer might also do, but I would favour clarifier as, although I'm not a philologist, I'm reasonably sure from sound and spelling that klärer and clear and clarify all share a common route.

Anonymous said...

Very good suggestion, Janet. Islam clarifier, bringing to a clear understanding about islam, shedding light on.

I agree. And you are right about klärer, clear and clarify.

Anonymous said...

auf - up, on (adverb/preposition)

Anonymous said...

Discrimination of customers at M&S

A woman ready to pay for her bottle of champagne at M&S in London last week, was told by hijab to wait because she could not serve her 'for religious reasons'.



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