Sunday, 17 November 2013

The administrative court has ruled that a Muslim boy in Munkedal should get extra financial benefits. The boy lives in accommodation for unaccompanied refugee children and the reason for the extra support is so that he can buy halal food. According to the administrative court, religious freedom constitutes sufficient grounds for him to be granted higher living expenses.

But now the civil servants in Munkedals are appealing the decision of the administrative court. The boy himself is an athlete and says he needs protein. The civil servants think that the boy gets adequate vegetarian food where he is living and that he can use his pocket money to cover the costs of halal food, for example.
Source: Via: Avpixlat

According to this other article, the Muslim gets 1905 euros per month in student support. The court decided he should get another 700 euros per month to pay for halal food. The Muslim practises martial arts and claims he needs protein so he can perform properly. He also claims he promised his mother that would only ever eat halal food.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Funding and coddling a boy obviously training to kill non-muslims.

I wish someone would read a story like this and go take out the enemy now before he becomes better trained.

Anonymous said...

The Swedish are turkey's voting for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

In other words, the Swedish authorities have decided that Swedes should pay, twice over, to support Jihad against their own people and country: the profits accruing from sales of Halal foods and products are counted as income for Moslem individuals and Islamic companies and, under Islamic law, Moslems must pay an annual obligatory tax (Zakat), a percentage of which must be applied "For the Cause of Allah" (Koran 9:60) which is defined as Jihad, "warfare to establish the religion." The Moslem will therefore be given extra funds, from taxes paid by Swedish people, to purchase Halal food, the proceeds of which, in part, will fund warfare against the Swedes.

I am unaware of any large-scale organised action, within the so-called 'counterjihad movement', in either the USA or Europe, to oppose Halal foods and Halal products, or to enlighten the general public as to the true purpose of all this Halal produce (everyone waxes fervently over cruelty to animals with no mention of the cruelty of halal-funded Zakat's Jihad).

Anonymous said...

Send it back where it came from.

Anonymous said...

#@ 18.51
Yes we should get rid of halal and kosher. As a devout atheist l absolutely deplore that l am unwittingly supporting these people nearly every time l make a purchase at the supermarket!

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:29,

Silly atheist. Kosher slaughter is the best slaughter in a world with no pneumatic stunner and factory slaughter.

It's nice to have the modern convenience of being able to feed cities. But, in the event of a societal collapse the Kosher technique is always the best way to slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Sweden has become one pathetic nation exalting everbody and everything that isn't White or Normal. Only a matter of time before indigenous Swedes will be a minority in their own country.

Goodbye Sweden, you are a brainless, gutless nation that nobody anywhere will miss!

Anonymous said...

Thats over £500 pounds per week in real money......why am i working my balls off again?? Sweden --god help you because you wont help yourselves.Europe has truly gone mad i cannot comprehend it anymore we are looking at the end of everything that is normal/rational/traditional. My parents had it tough in the war but they may turn out to be the lucky ones!! Their children have no future anymore.

Hamid said...

Re: Halal rort. - Resistance is not futile.


Boycott companies who pander to muslims by producing 'halal' foods, pay the 'jizya' and pass the costs onto us.

Anonymous said...

The 'Kosher Nostra Scam'
On The American Consumer



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