Saturday, 23 November 2013
The magical night in the Stade de France has not effaced everything Despite their heroic qualification for the Brazilian World Cup, the Blues still have a long way to go to reconquer the hearts of their compatriots.

79% of French people still have a negative opinion of the Blues, compared to 82% on 13 October in our last poll on the subject.
Source: Le Parisien

A look at the photograph is enough to tell us why. There are almost no French people in the team. It is an African team. Multicultists are quick to demand privileged access for non-Europeans to positions and professions they deem to be specially significant, such as the police, the judiciary, the political class, etc. We need a [insert professional class here] that looks like [insert country here]. But no such demands are heard in relation to sport. If negroes cannot "relate" to law enforcement unless enough law enforcement operatives are negroes themselves, why is the fact that many "European" sports teams not considered important? Why does the disenchantment of non-Europeans matter but the disenchantment of Europeans doesn't? Because anti-Europeanism is the dominant ideology of the world.

We are programmed by nature to empathise instinctively with those who are genetically like us. And support for our sports teams is one, fairly trivial, expression of that ineradicable instinct.


Anonymous said...

I did it for my country and I'm proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our world! In 100 years, the American game of basketball, which was created by a white man, has come to be completely dominated by blacks at all levels. Not only are almost all players black, but so too are often the coaches and owners. It's almost impossible to get involved in pro basketball if you are not black. I see white kids deflated in their goal at becoming a basketball player because they know their chances are very slim.

Is it only because blacks are just so much better than whites? Because blacks have greater access to basketball courts? Or is there a more sinister "conspiracy" to keep whites and others out and to monopolize the sport and all the money involved?

It's very discouraging.

Anonymous said...

To arms citizens,
Form your battalions,
Lets march, lets march !
Let an impure blood
Water our furrows !

Sometimes I miss the old days.

Anonymous said...

Why should they have a positive image? The football team of France is voor 70% or more not French, but consists of North African Arabs and negroes.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous your terrible you know that people have the right to be in soccor teams football teams baskeball teams etc no matter what skin color you know french people are a minority through out the world also to english, americans, germans, spanish, etc so I wouldnt be talking if I was you.



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