Saturday, 31 August 2013

More ridiculous propaganda trying to convince us that Jihad is something other than it is.
In recent years the word Jihad has had negative connotations attached to it. It was said that Jihad means to go to war for Allah or God. Tarek Ziad Hussein and his friends decided that they did not agree with this assessment and wanted to show their definition of the word with this video. They went out onto the streets of Copenhagen in Denmark and distributed food, water and clothes to the less fortunate.
Source: Belfast Telegraph


Anonymous said...

They should go to the people who are waging war to the non muslims because those people are the ones who do the "wrong" jihad. Not to the non muslims.
And we will see if their version of jihad will be accepted or they are killed by the real jihadists.

Pulp Ark said...

Greater Jihad as to fight the evil desire is a fake Hadith, page 109 of this book,; or

Anonymous said...

This propaganda video reminds me the WWII wall advertisements and the ‘Deutsche Wochenschau’ of Nazi Germany (week journal in movie theaters) for the “Winterhilfe” (Winter Help). 'Winter Help' was set by the Nazi’s, as propaganda, in order to show the people in occupied Europe that Nazi’s are good warm hearted guys and they are helping the poor and the needed. This Jihad video is a primitive version of ‘Nazi kindness’. The poor and the needed in Denmark are getting all the help they need from their governmental social welfare. From the monthly social security payment, they can buy all their daily needs: which are more than a banana, an apple and a small bottle of mineral water. The one T-shirt in the package is nice. But it’s certainly not enough to cover someone’s butt. The video showss also what had ‘Jihad monsters’ done, in few decennia, to the neighborhoods of Copenhagen. The environment had transformed from nice Danish clean streets and good tended houses into a Detroit like No-Go area. BRAVO. Thanks to the Belfast Telegraph for giving us a close up in Muslim Welfare and society.



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