Wednesday, 12 June 2013
by: Prof. Drs. G.B.J. VanFrikschoten

The Amsterdam Post calls your attention to the following:

Omroep Brabant - French Knippels, manager of the animal park at the Prince Hendrikstraat, Drunen, is devastated. Last Friday a two weeks old lamb was probably so severely beaten that it is died.

On Friday Mister Knippels did his final round and saw a group of young men.

"They did it '
"I had a chat with them. One of the youngsters had shouted that they were going to fuck a sheep. I said..."When you come for the animals, you’ll have to deal with me first. "They were still there when I left. So I suspect they have done it".

According to Knippels, the lamb was abused with a PVC pipe. "I found that PVC pipe in the park. Later, when I had found the dead animal, I thought: one and one are two. The lower jaw of a young sheep was off and the bone was sticking out. The anus of the animal was also severely devastated. Teeth were beaten out of the lamb’s mouth. The dead corpse of the animal was floating in the pond. I took it out of the water."

What can you notice by reading this message? Of course. It is written in such a damn politically correct way. "Young people" would have done it. Furthermore, throughout the article there is no description of suspects. Who is trying to fool who here?

We got in contact with the administrator of that animal park because we had some questions to ask. One of the questions is: "What were these young people like? Were they Dutch youths?". He seemed to be reluctant on the specific answer. But in the end they turned out to be: 'Dutch youngsters with a foreign accent."

In Drunen about 10% of the inhabitants are of non-Western origin. And these youths were slightly dark-skinned. There were about five or six of them, between 15 and 17 years old, who hang out in the park in order to smoke dope and drink. They stand there with bicycles and / or scooters. ‘See. That what we mean!’

According to the manager, few of the "youngsters" have been already interrogated by the police. Well, let us guess: Each one of them will explain that they have not done it; or blame others. There for we will teach the police and ‘Omroep Brabant’ how to put a perpetrator profile of such mentally sick ‎ ‘youngsters’ online.

We are looking for light-skinned Moroccans and / or Turks between the ages of 15 and 17 who say they "go and fuck sheep" and that apparently have actually done it. Let those who have knots in their ears know: that this scum starts with animals and will finish with people. Please just tell people the truth! Why ten years after the murder of Pim Fortuyn is that backward culture still selectively denied? Even the so-called in-your-face PowNews has the same attitude here, just copying everything without doing their own research on the matter.

Please do not take matters anymore as granted.
Source: Amsterdam Post Original News Article:


Maria José said...

Five Islamist terrorists seized in Barcelona

Anonymous said...

Depraved not deprived Muslim mother fucking youths with a group accented Dutch did it for sure and no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

of course they rape sheep - because their leader had sex with his 'favorite young camels'. Anything he did its okay for the followers to do, that is why they rape and enslave Whites - because he did

Anonymous said...

Islam is the destroyer of Humanity. Where there is Islam, there is Blood, Violence, Rape, Terror.

Anonymous said...

Time to set some billy goats loose in the sheep pen! Being chased and battered by a surly billy goat will cause them to lose interest quickly.

Anonymous said...

I am Dutch and if the perps are not muslims as the media wants us so desperately to believe. So much in fact that people here don't even think about the perps being muslims- I will eat a shoe

Anonymous said...

This kind of people must be killed, they are no human being, and if I could, i will do it myself with pleasure. Abusing innocent and defenseless animal is unforgiveble, I hate them, I hope they burn in hell.

ORALIA said...

islamicos depravados deberian de expulsarlos,,,, malditos locos

ORALIA said...

EURO-ARABIA... demasiado tarde!

Anonymous said...

Share around

Anonymous said...

we have to kill this horrible scum!!! islam is very dangerous and arabic too!!! one day we'll kill lots of them and through them out of our christian countries!!!



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