Friday, 15 March 2013

Recently a book was published in France called "Sale Blanc: chronique d’une haine qui n’existe pas" [Dirty White: Chronicle of a Hatred that Doesn't Exist].

Here is a promo video for the book.

At the end you see a negro rapist. As his white, blonde-haired victims sit in the courtroom, he explains that he was motivated by an anger against white people and wanted to humiliate them.

Recently a French MP wrote to the French Justice minister, Christine Taubira, asking for information about the number of anti-white racist incidents that had been recorded and the number of prosecutions that had taken place. She refused to provide it, claiming it would be unconstitutional to break down the data in that way and that she could provide only generic figures for "racist" incidents. Despite this, she has no problem providing more specific data on the number of antisemitic and anti-Muslim incidents.

I will write more about this book later.


Anonymous said...

Muslims are in the process of causing the French (and the EU by extension) to submit to Islam. Within 10-20 years there will be no white ethnic Europe any longer. Hopefully China has enough pride to stop these modern barbarians from polluting all of the world.

Anonymous said...

This may be off topic but still noteworthy: an Islamic group was banned at University College London for hosting a gender segregated event called 'atheism vs. islam'. In a video posted on facebook, an atheist professor can be seen leaving the event upset after he realized that single women were forced to sit in the back. UCL is now investigating and said the islamic group won't be allowed to hold similar events on the campus.

Anonymous said...



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