Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Muslim, studying for the curiously-named "master monde musulman" [Muslim world master], at the University of Aix-Marseille attacked one of his teachers who, he felt, had failed to sufficiently respect Islam.
Ali, who lives in Aix, apparently launched himself into an intellectual war against any person who - as he perceived it, which raises questions in the eyes of the psychiatrists who examined him and who speak of a "psychologically rigid" young man - would abuse his Muslim brothers or his religion with words.

This was the case, in his view, with his teacher of Arabic grammar, "and this for a long time" he claims, in the dock. "During his lessons Monsieur Imbert allowed himself to insult Muslims," declares the defendant, "he engages in anti-Islam propaganda. It's unacceptable and besides I already made a report about it in September 2011".

Ali, after having remonstrated with his teacher several times, "avenged" himself physically on 14 March this year, kicking him on the chin, even though Frédéric Imbert was seated in the staff room.

The young man denies this violence completely, as well as the emails with an antisemitic aftertaste he is accused of sending. Judge Borresi read them."In response to an email from the masters director, Philippe Cassuto, banning you from setting foot in the classes, you wrote: 'I don't like unjustified instructions, especially not when they come from a pig [un porc]'. Then, several days later, also in response, you threatened: 'That's enough, or I'll do a Shoah" read the presiding judge.
Source: La Provence


Jake-a-runi said...

Furtherance of a conspiracy inimical to the French state should be recognized as capital treason.

Red Rose said...

Anyone with even a smidgen of intelligence does not respect Islam.

The disease of Islam is a cancerous growth unleashed on the world by a barbaric illiterate savage in the 7th century.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Muslims never lie. LOL

Anonymous said...

They don't lie. It is IMPOSSIBLE to lie when Muhmaddad himself declared lies to be truth. Who da thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Islam the religion of pieces
wherever Islam goes
Everything ends up in Pieces
The economy
The country
The people
The morals
The legal system
Heck everything as mohammed was very fond of justifying his evil by saying it was from God
so it was ok to rape, molest children, rape women in front of their families before executing by beheading
Exterminating jews in mass was another favorite of this mad demon possessed man called mohammed

So theire ya go
Liberals love islam because it is working towards the destruction of all jews and christians their ultimate goal..

Jake-a-runi said...

Liberals love islam ...

That doesn't even make sense.

I don't think trying to alienate people who are of obverse opinion within our domestic politics is at all helpful. Divisiveness is to be avoided.

The real problem is those who are dangerously oblivious. And it was Bush who was found of praising "faith-based organizations", not understanding that he was describing al Quaeda.

Anonymous said...

Kick him out of Marseille, out of France and then out of Europe, and never again allow him to enter Europe!

Anonymous said...

I covered my Quran with pig semen. It seemed to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

He wants respect as a muslim but behaves in a typical manner to "defend " his stupid beliefs. Like all other muslims who cannot use logic or reason to defend the indefensable.

l'Insoumis said...


Anonymous said...

Hes teaching muslims, so its his own fault. Dont know why people enable them. Just refuse to deal with them.

Amy Alex said...

Islam does not teach us terrorism Islam teaches peace, prosperity, love, and respect you can see it by taking Cheap Umrah Packages where people came from all over the world and they lives like one family.

john said...

The best way to understand Islam and why they behave as they behave, is to read their "holy" book, the Qu'ran. The sad thing is that Christianity today lives in big apostasy and is not prepared to show Islam that there is a far better way than the Islamic way. We live in the period of the "third woe" as it is called in the Bible. This is the period of the third Jihad. May God wake us up to a holy living to be able to preach through our lives that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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