Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I believe we need a political education offensive in democracy training. We need continuous support of all democratic initiatives and activities that work against the far right achieving dominance in our small and medium-sized towns. The current federal government has made many mistakes in this regard, but always only offering financing for projects and only for a limited time. When I then think of the mistrust apparent in the extremism clause, then you know, that actually we need a continuous offensive in political education, democracy education, support of all democratic activities. And they should not cast suspicion on the far-left only because they defend against right-wing extremism in a combative, even a certain quite "militant" way.
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This is a quote from the East German Socialist politician Wolfgang Thierse.

It's a good example of the extraordinary self-deception of which the left is capable. Here is someone calling for support for all democratic initiatives in the same paragraph that he demands the government indoctrinate its citizens into correct thinking and condone violence against those guilty of incorrect thinking. Later in the interview he calls for a ban on the old-school far-right NPD party, saying he supports this so the "democratic state doesn't have to go on financing its enemies". The interviewer didn't in any way challenge his support for violence or demands for the suppression of a political party.

Of course, it is moral totalitarianism like this that poses the true threat to democracy. This is the same kind of moral totalitarianism that jihadis deploy routinely. When I see this kind of iron self-deception, I fear there is no way this can end except with fighting. Such invincible smugness cannot be penetrated by rational argument, not least because the mere articulation of rational argument now invites prosecution, deprivation of livelihood and a visit from the state-sanctioned, UAF-style bootboy brigades Thierse invokes above. In a sense we are already in a civil war. The Left declared war on part of its own tribe decades ago when it banned them from speaking. Censorship is violence. Laws that criminalise free expression marshal the violent resources of the state against free thinkers.


Anonymous said...

And what about LEFT-WING extremism, you idiot?

Grace said...

We've been daydreaming of fleeing our country for years now, and the results of our recent election have only served to intensify that desire. The burning question: is there a country left on this earth that is not run by idiots?

alas said...

I had a similar conversation with a lefty the other day asking me to sign a petition to ban far-right in newspapers, quite incredible he believed he was democratic and campaigning for democracy. They're deluded.

Anonymous said...

They (socialists) are not idiots, they are plainly evil.

I also think this is the only way to deal with them, and their fascist actions.

Van Grungy said...

Reagan did NOT defeat COMMUNISM

just because the USSR collapsed doesn't mean that marxist died off

Anonymous said...

Socialists are evil? Pray tell who invented socialism? Heres a clue - who controls more than 70% of the media in the US alone? Which is the group that has done more than any other to facilitate the third world invasion of the West?

Anonymous said...

Need more clues? Heres a buggy - in the Polish Communist Party Yiddish was the lingua franca, not Polish.

Jake-a-runi said...

Which is the group that has done more than any other to facilitate the third world invasion of the West?

Could you provide some substantiation for this? Or is it simply ex cathedra Jew baiting?

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