Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tomorrow I'm leaving Salamanca and going to live in Cordoba, former capital of Al-Andalus. I'll be looking for signs of its re-islamisation.

For now I'll say farewell to Salamanca with a few photographs.

Franco, leader of Spain, in Salamanca's Plaza Mayor

Salamanca's Plaza Mayor features plaques commemorating various Spanish luminaries. The former Spanish dictator is among them. Leftists have pushed for it to be removed but so far the pressure has been resisted. I find it interesting that there is still enough of a reservoir of conservatism here to have repulsed the hegemonic cultural pretensions of the Left, at least to this small degree. There are still people who will defend Franco. There hasn't been a wholesale repudiation of him, like there has been of, say, Hitler in Germany. And why should there be? The Communists were up to their necks in gore despite their re-writing of history to portray themselves as the good guys. As I mentioned once before, the poet Roy Campbell provides an interesting alternative perspective on the Spanish Civil War.

Ancient stone boar guarding Salamanca on the old Roman bridge

This is the boar that, according to legend, guards Salamanca from harm. It stands at the entrance to the city via the old Roman bridge. Hopefully, the fact that it is a pig (although some claim it's a bull, it's too time-worn to tell for sure) will keep the Muslims away.

Ancient stone boar guarding Salamanca on the old Roman bridge

These stone boars are ancient megaliths found in this part of Iberia. No one knows their original meaning or purpose. Maybe, in the old days, some far-seeing soul anticipated the need for a Mohammedan-deterrent in future.


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Anonymous said...

good luck with the move and greetings from Oz

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

You're welcome to syndicate the blog.

Maria José said...

Una azafata española narra su calvario en Arabia Saudí.

Los todopoderosos saudíes son crueles, corruptos y financiadores del fundamentalismo en el mundo entero, pero lo peor lo reservan para la mujer, aunque no sea árabe. Esta denuncia puede ilustrar a alguna incauta que, sin saber dónde se mete, acuda a la llamada para contratar enfermeras españolas que han hecho las autoridades saudíes aprovechando que estamos inmersos en una crisis económica.

Anonymous said...

"There are still people who will defend Franco. There hasn't been a wholesale repudiation of him, like there has been of, say, Hitler in Germany. And why should there be?"

you really are a fucking nazi through and through. i've served in the IDF, and we don't need "allies" who are fascist scum like you in the fight against jihad. enjoy your islamised europe you faggot eurotrash piece of shit.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

If you're not intellectually capable of making a distinction between Franco and Hitler, then, as an ally, you're not worth having.

Plus, judging by the rest of your remarks, your commitment to resisting jihad seems less than complete. And if Europe is islamised, if all of its power and resources are harnessed to the cause of Islam, you can be sure Israel won't survive much longer.

Mort Atticus Amsel said...

do you have an e-mail address Chera?

Anonymous said...

Franco was an ally of Hitler in WWII. He was a fascist. He had the backing of a corrupt, totalitarian "church". That's enough for me to go on. It seems you'd be ok with one type of fascism over another. Not me. I'll use sites that stand up for freedom, not some sort of restricted freedom.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I'm not claiming Franco was in any way admirable. Just that, if you look at what the Communists did elsewhere in Europe, the atrocities they committed there and in Spain, at least a reasonable case can be made that Franco was the least bad option. If you look at Spain's post-war history and compare it to, say, Poland's, which was worse?

I don't know enough about Spanish history yet to make a serious judgement about it, and I doubt that you know as much as I do. But you don't need to, do you? He was an ally of Hitler (even though he sheltered Jews) and a fascist. "That's good enough for me!"

Anonymous said...

"He was an ally of Hitler (even though he sheltered Jews)"

Wonderful. He sheltered the few Jews in Spain, meanwhile allying himself with the murderer of six million Jews. Yep, that sure is "enough for me". They use that argument to defend Pius XII who remained silent while the holocaust went on.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Yawn. As far as I know, he helped Jews from elsewhere in Europe flee through Spain.

In any case, who cares? I don't base all my moral judgements about people on how well they treat Jews. Europe was scarred by left and right-wing totalitarianisms for much of the 20th century and I don't buy the conventional narrative that the right-wing totalitarianisms were somehow more evil than the left-wing ones.

The governments of the West made the same pragmatic judgement I am making about it (a preliminary one, as I have said, not having done enough reading on the subject to arrive at a definitive one). They worked with Franco in the post-war period because, whatever his shortcomings, they thought Communism was worse. I am not saying anything more than that.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Anonymous said...

I admit to have only read Orwell's account in "Hommage to Catalonia" and people's comments on that work. These expose the Stalinists as the tyrants who dictated to all the other Republican factions and actually persecuted them. I am no admirer of leftist politics but, having studied the anti-Bolshevist regimes (I do not call them "right wing"; in Germany it was National SOCIALISM remember ) in Nazi Germany, Croatia and Vichy France, I see racism, genocide and lack of freedoms as being common in all three. My admittedly limited knowledge of Franco shows his regime certainly was (in alliance with the Roman Catholic church, if you can call it such ) an extremely repressive and intolerant one. It had 100 s of 1000s executed, put its citizens under round the clock surveillance, sent its forces to fight for the Nazis and resulted in starvation and a disastrous ecomomy, only recovered through finally allowing liberal technocrats and American aid to create a big economic improvement.

To choose between Bolshevism and Fascism seems to me like Hobson's choice.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It's an extremely unpleasant choice, no doubt, and one that no one would want to have to make. But sometimes history forces your hand and you have to pick the least bad option.

Perhaps I'm overly influenced by Roy Campbell's poetry but the Communists in Spain seemed to especially nasty. They would round up priests and nuns from convents and execute them in cold blood.

I don't dispute that Franco's regime was unpleasant. The question is whether the alternative was worse.

Anonymous said...


You are quite right.

The 20th century was inflicted by two types of socialism - the National and the International one. Of these, from just a body count, International socialism was far worse then Nazism.

Moreover, the legacy that communism left behind is far worse then what the Nazis left behind. Both Germany and Spain have recovered well- economically and socially. OTH, communist countries are still sunk in environmental degradation, social and moral collapse, and loss of hope.

There are degrees in everything, including totalitarian ideologies. Communist totalitarianism destroys the political, social and moral structures of a nation. Without a moral structure, a society has no will to live. Islam also does the same, but instead of just destroying the moral structure, it the replaces the moral structure with a moral structure of its own, that is evil. It is enough to see the glee with which Jihadis ( and these can be any Muslim, even doctors), behead an innocent, to realise that the normal structure of a human being has been replaced with something that is almost alien to this planet.


Anonymous said...

"It's an extremely unpleasant choice, no doubt, and one that no one would want to have to make. But sometimes history forces your hand and you have to pick the least bad option"

The "least bad option" ? Between two bad options ? I know that some refused the bad options and followed the good option, i.e. Christianity, the true version, detested by both Fascists and Communists.

Anonymous said...


Please read this

Islam’s 1,400 year long war against the West

This discussion is very educational, as it takes in many of the isms of the modern era - Marxism, communism, liberalism, Monism, progressivism, Randiasm etc.




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