Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Translation of sign on the right:
Would you revere a man who:
robbed and plundered
murdered and burned
and forced a 9-year-old to have sex
Muslims do that. And they consider him to be the most perfect of all men. His name was Mohammed.
Police in Egypt on Wednesday arrested a man who tossed four homemade nail bombs into the German embassy grounds and attacked the entrance with a hammer but injured nobody and caused no serious damage, the embassy and security sources said.

The man acted out of anger after reading an Egyptian newspaper report on Friday which described a protest by German right-wing activists who had paraded caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in front of a German mosque, they said.

Many Muslims consider any depiction of the Prophet to be offensive - a series of cartoons in a Danish newspaper in 2005 on the same subject sparked protests across the Islamic world.

"It was just one person who attacked the embassy and damaged the glass of the entrance with a hammer," said a spokeswoman for the German embassy. "There was no major damage and no one hurt."

The man was also brandishing a toy pistol, she added, and had used a hammer to crack the entrance's toughened glass. He had brought copies of the offending newspaper article with him.
Source: Reuters

Here are some photos from the demonstrations that took place over the weekend. You can see more here
Have the courage to use your own understanding: Kant instead of Koran.
Persecution of Christians, terror, Jew hatred and contempt for women characterise Islam. Therefore Islam is not a part of Germany.
[Reference to a statement made by the former German president Wulff that Islam formed part of Germany.]



Anonymous said...

I hope they close the embassy and isolate that third world hell hole.

Horrible people live in Egypt.
The curse of God is still on that nation.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Anon wrote: The curse of God is still on that nation.

Muslims believe that allah is the Great Deceiver. In our Western Christian thinking, God is Truth, and it is Satan who is the Great Deceiver. So it comes as no surprise that Muslim nations are suffering the curse. But its not the curse of God, but the blessings of the Great Deceiver. The more Islamised they get, the worse it gets. The worse it gets, they believe they have not been Islamic enough.

Anonymous said...

GDL=EDL=Franchises of Kosher-'nationalism'. Don't buy their controlled 'radicalism'.

Anonymous said...

Rank and file edl members arent into the ZOG.
For that reason one should tread carefully when criticising the edl - make the distinctions. notwithstanding these criticisms edl has done great work, they have been at the unpleasant end of the antiu jihad - a place where most fear to tread. Nick Griffin does not criticise rank and file edl members

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