Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bear in mind this video is from the Guardian so it is designed to make Golden Dawn look bad. It's clear that Golden Dawn do have some dodgy aspects. Still, I can't help seeing them as, on the whole, a positive thing. Europe's situation is desperate. We need forces capable of challenging the moral totalitarianism of the Left. I'd prefer those challenges came in the form of Geert Wilders types. But I'll take a Golden Dawn over the status quo.


vederso said...

I hope you're not serious on this.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Yes, I am. Feel free to anathematise me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Cheradine, these people are indeed to be welcomed. The one thing I will say against them concerns what I suspect may be their antipathy towards all immigrants in Greece, even those from Europe. If they were purely against muslim and third world immigration which is now a serious problem in Athens, I would certainly give them my whole-hearted support.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Are they really against other Europeans?

Anonymous said...

Of course they are not against other Europeans. They are against illegal immigrants from third world countries. There are about 2 millions of them in a total of 12 and they are uncontrollable. I am Greek and i know..

Anonymous said...

i've not heard them say anything against white europeans/christians (i think they are against jews but i suspect that may have been propaganda).

no, they're against pakistanous & mavroi (or arapides as we say).

i hope they do clear out from our hospitals and kindergartens these vromiarides.

they're not welcome here yet they stay, surely that's a sign they wish to take over. if they wanted to live *with* us, side by side, they would have left long ago had it been made clear they were unwelcome.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to hear your confirmation that they are not against Europeans living in Greece. In this case, I can only hope one day other countries in Europe can have such a political movement to defend ourselves.

DP111 said...

Anon wrote: they're not welcome here yet they stay, surely that's a sign they wish to take over. if they wanted to live *with* us, side by side, they would have left long ago had it been made clear they were unwelcome.

It must be obvious to almost all Muslims in the West, that they are not wanted. In fact, the natives would be very pleased if Muslims left and went back to the countries where their quaint customs are respected. But will they leave? Heck not.

I find this very strange. Any normal person or community, would leave if they were not wanted. Sense of self-worth, pride and honour require it. But Muslims are shameless, and have no sense of pride or honour. If they had, they would have left long ago.

DP111 said...


So Muslims are not immigrants or guests. Therefore they are invaders with a specific agenda to tale over and change the culture of the host nation.

Our idiocy is to allow them to do so in the safe knowledge that nothing will happen to them if their invasion fails.

This is sheer stupidity and lunacy combined.

Anonymous said...

Muslims haven't invaded, they've been let in, this conflict has been engineered, they are only hired muscle, the head of the monster is in your government, cut off the head and the body will die.

Anonymous said...

im sick and tired of these muslims who come here and fail to intergrate, they have no respect for our culture and are nothing more than barbarians and savages. If they re own culture is so great why do they want to live our way of life. 1 billion muslims on the planet and 80 percent of them are illiterate that means there is 800 million muslim stone age retards walking around the earth.

Anonymous said...

99 percent of rapes in europe are commited by muslim males. What do you expect when you worship a murderous, theiven, rapist, pedophile like they re satanic false prophet. If they re god allah is so great why does he need some smelly dumb paki to strap himself with explosives and kill non believer. ahahaha he created the universe didnt he, oh and how about the 72 virgins you get for blowing yourself up, you seriously have to have mental problems to beleive in that bullshit. Bunch of cockaroaches who need to be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

islam in ancient hebrew and greek means curse. Islam and its worshipers definetly have all the characterics defind as a curse. if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck, chances are etc.
Show me one muslim ruled country that is civilized and beautiful in culture and humanity. if u can then i have a bridge to sell you really cheap. hehehhe

Anonymous said...

Golden Dawn is Greece's only honest political party. Greece's only hope to save the country from foreign bankster nwo occupation. Golden Dawn we salute you for your courage. Keep on fighting brothers.

Anonymous said...

Greece is for greeks. asian and african filth must leave, you are warned.

Anonymous said...

Golden Dawn is the hope of the future, not only will they deport the muslim filth but they will destroy the nwo zionist illumanati bankster plot to destroy what our ancestors have fought and died over for thousands of years, that is our culture, religion, family, land and pride. wake up world we are at war.

Anonymous said...

fuck islam fuck you traitor sympathizers and fuck you corrupt political leaders, theres no no more lies to say, theres no where to hide. white christians have woken from their brainwashed sleep. there is a reckoning coming like a wave of justice across europe, all those who are the enemy get ready to get what you deserve for trying to destroy our beautiful nations and cultures built on blood sweat and tears. Love Respect and honor of the true europeons will be all the weapons we need.

Anonymous said...

TO all those who oppose GOLDEN DAWN i delcare that you are ignorant. come to greece and see with your own eyes, watch the works of the immigrant criminal filth and then judge for yourself. The media claims are pure propaganda because they themselves are at risk from persecution of the people because they are part of the corrupt political and economic nwo bankster fraud system takeover. GOLDEN DAWN is the only honest polical party truely making a difference in the every day lives of the greek people. GOLDEN DAWN cares for the welfare of greek citizens and the sovereinty of GREECE. Is it crime to to love ur nation and love its people, to have pride in your history and wave your flag high and proud. All you traitors and infedals who sell the soul of our nation your time is over.

Anonymous said...

i love how you are all calling believers in islam heretics and scum, yet the people who started the golden dawn (rosacrucians) ultimately lead you back to theosophy and in turn, other organizations like O.T.O. and the thule society and the infamous Vril society that influenced hitlers ideology.

I have no idea what is honestly true here, but there is a massive conspiracy against the entirety of mankind, and I doubt ANY system or religion or anything will save the physical aspect of human life at this point. There will probably be a huge false war to depopulate the planet, then whoevers left will probably be destroyed by god or whatevers left out there, maybe even by themselves. who knows

seriously though, you need to look at all this. the eerie connection between hermetic ritual magic (as well as others) to the UFO phenomenon, and the all pervading symbolism from ALL the occult groups THROUGHOUT the most successful AND depressed peoples of the world screams to me of a serious problem.

when you deal with those things in the universe who care for none, they WILL make deals with everyone to help cause greater damage. Emotion itself is the heart of magic - control emotion and you control everything and in turn can cause even more damage than is already happening.

dont believe me and think im nuts? look up aleistor crowley and aiwass - his spirit guide (possessor), crowley broke off from the golden dawn. and the drawing he made of aiwass looks like a gray alien in trance - proving they are not extraterrestrial but extradimensional, and therefore cannot be trusted with the simplest information at all.

and you have them as a political party? these people, along with other societies throughout the generations HAVE ALWAYS PULLED THE STRINGS - especially now that most of the power elite is on board, and its viewed as a progressive religion that was forced into obscurity "wrongly". look it all up, its on the internet at this point.

everyone is being manipulated, from the top down, and most will play a role in the horrible atrocities to come, while a few others die or disappear in all the confusion.

but no, we all want politicians to clean shit up for us, so we hire people who have MASTERED THEIR OWN EMOTIONS and in turn can CONTROL YOURS by putting out a fake visage you can actually FEEL you can trust.

its not about you or your country, your country will burn with them ruling you most likely, unless your specific geographic location has value to the NWO they are VERY MUCH a part of creating.

there is nobody you can trust anymore. not in any nation. period. the only prophets out there now are going to be prophets of blood, whether its yours or someone elses, and the future of the entire planet is looking very very bleak.

at this point I feel the only aspects of ourselves worth looking at is the mind, spirit, and soul. the physical is slowly fading into irrelevancy for mankind.

I just dont see how you guys could accept the golden dawn as a political party - your basically trying to have a theocracy based on hermetic ritual magick if they are your major political party.

I dont know on what side of the golden dawn I stand - but I fear very well that it may not be good. Realize that in the realm of the mind there are few rules, and that within that realm, you can be convinced many things are true. they are not, and such is a hindrance on the path to enlightenment, as any good buddhist would tell you. So I ask you, in practicing these rituals does anything definitively and infinitely good come or not? is the source good? is there any side effect that will be present for the rest of infinity?

I will only accept DIRECT and FACTUALLY OBSERVED answers, as "SO AND SO TOLD ME" or "I LEARNED FROM AN ASCENDED MASTER" are easy, easy frauds to come up with, and are not valid proof of anything.

Anonymous said...

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