Monday, 13 February 2012

There are several astounding things about this video. The first is that the African thinks EU taxpayers should pay for Africans to be educated here. The second is that the EU spokesman agrees. The third is that he goes even further than this and boasts of how EU taxpayers also pay for Africans to be educated in Africa.

Here is some info about the Erasmus for All program he talks about at the end.
Erasmus for All will be open to all EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, EU candidate countries benefiting from a pre-accession strategy and other countries in the Western Balkans.

In addition, non-EU, mostly neighbourhood countries, will be able to benefit from actions aimed at promoting study and training opportunities abroad, as well as youth activities.


Anonymous said...

They should pay tax to be here and pay for the studies as well. Also these heathen should be wearing tracking devices as soon as they set foot here, IF they're to be here at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Dennis Abbot should be fired.

DP111 said...

Would it be politically incorrect to state that Africa has, and will be the White man's burden for the next 1000 years?

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