Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A video has been found of the Muslim who attacked French police then sadly suffered broken bones and a heart attack after being arrested before finally lapsing into a coma on his way back to the police station. After needlessly using up a lot of expensive electricity on his life support machine, he died about a week later.

His name was Wissam El-Yamni and these images were taken only hours before the incident before the incident in which he succumbed to that traditional Muslim vulnerability: the urge to suddenly attack innocent people for no reason. As you can see, he was a tragic loss to humanity. There are rumours that he was about to complete two scientific treatises just before he died. These would have explained how cancer could be cured by dousing the body in camel urine mixed with sand; and how infinite free energy could be obtained by rubbing three stones together in a jug of water while chanting appropriate verses from the Koran. Unfortunately this precious knowledge died with him. Goodbye Wissam. You will be missed.


V said...


Anonymous said...

A faux obituary isn't exactly respectful of the recently deceased. Even if they are a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

yeah but its funny as hell and he deserves every bit of disrepect intendid

Anonymous said...

I hope he was greated by a hundred virgin homosexuals



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