Wednesday, 27 July 2011

This graphic came originally from Le Salon Beige. I've updated it with the Europol statistics from 2010. As you can see, far-left terrorism has been continuously rising over a period of years, while far-right terrorism has been negligible to non-existent. In some years, including last year, for example, there have literally been no far-right terrorist attacks at all.

And for our German friends.


Habib Siddiqui said...

Of the 239 terrorism related incidents that occurred in Europe in 2009, only 1 had a Muslim origin. In 2010, out of 249 such incidents, only 3 had Muslim connection. That is still like 1 percent. How is Islam a threat to Europe with such meager statistics? Only a deranged psychopath would have us believe the worst about Islam.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The primary Islamic threat to Europe is from demographics, not terrorism. Terrorism is really a distraction.

However, in assessing the terrorist threat, you also need to take account of the seriousness of the attacks. Many of the non-Islamic attacks listed are not particularly serious. They are aimed primarily at sending a signal rather than actually killing people.

Muslim attacks tend to be more lethally-intentioned. You also need to take account of the number of thwarted attacks because of the attention directed to Islamic terrorism by the security services in recent years.

Anonymous said...

none of these statistics are verifiable, nor is an explanation of what is classified as terrorism for the research given. is an invasive runway protest classified as terrorism? or is it only talking about attacks devised to harm people? even following the links back to europol i was unable to find these graphs, or any explanation of them. as such i struggle to believe left wing terrorism is even close to that of right wing terrorism, as in my lifetime ive seen islamic attacks, irish catholic attacks, anti-abortion attacks and racist attacks. all violent. from the left you see things like green peace, plane stupid, peta etc. not really on the same level as terrorists. i cant recall seeing and communist or socialist terror attacks in my lifetime in the UK.


Anonymous said...

islamist are the ones most arrested for preparation of massmurder. that its 1% is only evidence that the police now do a good jobb

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