Wednesday, 8 June 2011
I suppose it would be churlish to deny that the new Prevent strategy represents progress towards sanity of some sort, albeit still a long way from the goal. But it's as if a government had introduced a new policy of providing massive public subsidy to murderers; then, a few years later, had announced that the policy would now be modified to exclude serial killers. Only ordinary once-only murderers would now get government cash; repeat offenders wouldn't get a penny. And then the government presented this as an "anti-murder initiative". That, in essence, is the new Prevent.

But Dave and posse seem to think soft power will be an effective weapon against the jihad:

When it comes to extremism, he believes in the capacity of the British state to reshape and reduce the Islamist public space. The Prime Minister has many levers at his disposal, including soft power. Paradoxically, for all their grievance culture and loudly advertised antipathy to Britain, many political Islamists also crave recognition from officialdom. They fight for invitations to No 10 Eid receptions, for OBEs, for ministers to appear on their platforms, as well as for Government hand-outs.

Dave has come up with the answer about how to defeat the global jihad! Just don't invite them to Eid receptions or give them OBEs! Pass the secret on to Nigeria, Indonesia and Pakistan!

Of course this is absurd. The roots of jihad are not in Muslim organisations that take hand-outs from government. They are deep within Islamic doctrine itself. Islam itself is pure evil. Our government is no closer to recognising that.



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