Saturday, 7 May 2011
In the Leicester South by-election, heroic Islamo-realist UKIP candidate Abhijit Pandya only managed 994 votes. Still, this was a slight improvement on UKIP's performance in the election last year. Let's hope he keeps speaking out about Islam.

Labour hold

*Ashworth, Jon (Lab) 19,771

Haq, Zuffar (LD) 7,693

Hunt, Jane (Con) 5,169

Pandya, Abhijit (UKIP)994

Hope, Howling Laud (Loony) 553

Lab majority 12,078

2010 General Election result: Soulsby (Lab) 21,479: Gill (LD) 12,671; Grant (C) 10,066; Waudby (BNP) 1,418; Dixey (Green) 770 (1.63%); Lucas (UKIP) 720 (1.53%). Lab maj 8,808



Johnny Rottenborough said...

The Leicester branch of the Religion of Peace™ welcomed one of Pandya’s canvassers with traditional Muslim hospitality:

❛At the third door I knocked on, two culturally-enriched brothers came out and said they were going to kill us; there were knives and everything.

The guy went straight for me. Completely ignoring the Asian chap stood next to me, who was canvassing with me. I got chased down the street by these guys, who were shouting that they were going to cut me up into little pieces, that I shouldn’t be in their area, and they’d shove my head through the door if I put a leaflet through it.❜

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