Wednesday, 11 May 2011
If you were in any doubt about the similarities between the EU and Soviet Union, reading this frightening report on "Community Relations" put together by a "Group of Eminent Persons" ought to dispel them.

Its banner headline is "Against Racism" and it's downhill from there.

I will post some of the highlights here as I read through it:

States are urged “to extend the full rights and obligations of citizenship, including the right to
vote, to as many of their resident population as possible” and, as an interim step, to
give all foreign residents the right to vote in local elections. They are also urged to
correct “misleading information and stereotypes about migration”, and to give their
citizens “a more realistic picture of the situation of migrants and of Europe’s current
and future needs in the field of migration”.

...the peoples of Europe are urged to reach out to “their
neighbours in the Middle East and North Africa who are now so courageously7
demonstrating their attachment to universal values of freedom and democracy”,
notably by offering them the chance to participate, “with an appropriate status”, in
European institutions and conventions.

On diversity:

Diversity is Europe’s destiny, for two reasons.
First, most of those who have come to Europe in recent decades, and their
descendants, are here to stay. Many remain attached to the cultural heritage of their
countries of origin. What is wrong with that? So long as they obey the law, people
who come to live in a new country should not be expected to leave their faith, culture
or identity behind. Indeed, this diversity can contribute to the creativity that Europe
needs, now more than ever. But it also means that living together in Europe requires
looking beyond Europe. What happens in parts of the world where these new

Europeans come from, and especially among Europe’s neighbours, is likely to affect
all of us, for better and worse. We cannot decide our neighbours’ fate, but we must be
ready to help them, and also to learn from them, as much as we can.
Second, the very fact that Europe is ageing means that more immigrants are needed.
Without them, the European Commission calculates that in the EU, over the next
50 years, the workforce would decrease by nearly 100 million, even while the
population as a whole continues to rise. That is a recipe for decline.

So diversity is here to stay.


Johnny Rottenborough said...

the workforce would decrease by nearly 100 million, even while the population as a whole continues to rise.

That’s the heart of the matter: flooding Europe with immigrants to prop up the Ponzi pension schemes. Christopher Caldwell’s Reflections on the Revolution in Europe has this to say on the numbers that will be needed:

❛The United Nations Population Division calculates that replicating the age structure and support ratio [workers to pensioners] of Europe would require 701 million immigrants, or considerably more than the continent’s entire present-day population, by midcentury.❜

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