Friday, 13 May 2011

[WARNING: Audio is in Greek] but the images are evocative!

Some of the mainstream press have reported on the scenes of civil unrest in Greece, but they talk only about young people protesting against the austerity measures put in place there. There is another dimension to what is going on. The Greeks are sick of the illegal immigrants flooding into their country. Of course, almost all of them are Muslim.

A wave of anger has been provoked by the recent murder of a man who wanted to film his wife coming back from a maternity hospital where she was due to give birth to a baby. He was killed just outside of his home by a group of savages who wanted his camera. This provoked anti-illegal immigrant, anti-Muslim violence. You can see some of it in this video as Muslim-looking types are targeted. Ironically, the man who was killed was a foreigner himself: from Sri Lanka.

It may be that this is the way the solution will come: when bankruptcy forces the breakdown of civil order, allowing people to express their repressed feelings about the aliens colonising their country, who were formerly protected by the government but no more.



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