Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Muslim savages in the Netherlands in the group Sharia4Holland, a Dutch counterpart of Anjem Choudary's group, have issued new threats against Geert Wilders. In a long video address (in Dutch), the group's leader, Abu Imran, calls Wilders a "cursed, infidel dog that must be annihilated". He asks Allah to turn his health into sickness and his wealth into poverty. All problems and catastrophes and can occur to a person in life, should be inflicted on Wilders, said the savage. Their anger has been newly provoked by Wilders' declared intention of creating a sequel to Fitna, one that will focus on the vicious con man Mohammed himself, questioning his mental health.

There are videos of the address (in Dutch) on the PI page linked below. Hopefully a subtitled English version will appear soon.

H/T: PI News


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