Tuesday, 12 April 2011
The mayor of Strasbourg was recently asked about the meat served in the city's schools. Parents questioned him about the practice of serving halal meat in the schools as well as the custom of serving meat on Fridays. Apparently, Catholics are supposed to avoid eating meat on Fridays. This is interesting. I was raised as a Catholic but didn't know this, so it seems to be a rule that is somewhat laxly observed. More interesting, however, is the mayor's response to these questions:

We serve halal meat out of respect for diversity, and avoid serving fish on Fridays out of respect for secularism.

The reply almost reads like a joke, but apparently he was completely serious. So Muslims get their religious dietary requirements to honour diversity but Catholics don't get theirs to honour secularism? Surreal.

[Story from fdesouche.com]


johnpkb said...

That response from the mayor is pretty typical across our political elite when it comes to appeasing Islam but I do agree it is almost comical if it were not so indictive of what is still rampant all over Europe.
Still at least we are seeing some kind of resistence, however small. I've often said that change will nor happen overnight, it takes time for people to have courage.
Just think. less than 5 years ago hardly anyone was talking about Muslims/Islam and now it's talked about far more openly and with lots more gusto. Times are changing rapidly and as your blog shows there are plenty of positive examples to give one hope.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It's true. 5 years ago I was a Bush-hater and couldn't think straight about Muslims because of that. I assumed that if Bush was against them, they must be the good guys. As you say, things can change fast.

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