Saturday, 16 April 2011

An article in France Soir makes it clear that France is failing to keep out the North African savages who have made their way into Europe through Italy. According to official figures, 3,258 illegals have been apprehend in the last two months. Of those, 1,258 were sent back to Italy, 415 were returned to their country of origin, usually Tunisia. This leaves 1,584 who have been released. So about half of the savages who have been apprehended are being set free again. Usually, this is because there is no proof of what the savage's country of origin is or how they reached France. Without some indication of this, the French police are obliged to release them with a notice that they should leave France within 5 days. Of course they don't. And these numbers only cover the savages who have been apprehended. There must be many more who have escaped notice.

"The border, it's like Swiss cheese," said one police officer:

They're arriving in our area in groups of 20. The Alpes-Maritimes border police are at breaking point. A policy has been put in place but not the human resources required for it. The police are stretched to the max; most brigades are working overtime.


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