Monday, 11 April 2011
In Bobigny in France, has revealed that something very unusual lies behind a campaign of arson and vandalism that has been going on there in recent weeks. It seems the upstanding young Muslim burghers who inhabit this district are seeking recognition for one of their local heroes; specifically, they are demanding that a street be named after him. What did this hero do, you may ask? Invent a cure for some exotic disease? Perform outstanding charity work? Work to improve troubled community relations? No.

The hero in question was a 16-year-old criminal with a "chaotic" track record who died in October last year while doing a wheelie on a stolen motorbike. The French word used in the report of this accident in the Parisien, "motard" (motorcyclist), seems particularly appropriate in this case. This motard apparently lost control of his stolen motorbike while doing the aformentioned wheelie, smashing his head into a pylon. He was taken to hospital immediately but died a few hours later. What a tremendous loss to France and Europe this motard is. This is like the death of Keats or Shelley all over again.

The motard's legend did not end here, however. In recent weeks, there have been 4 arson attempts on a local primary school and numerous burnings of public litter bins. Apparently these have all been part of a campaign designed to force the Communist mayor to rename the street where the young motard died in his honour. It will be fascinating to see whether this hero of France is granted the recognition he undoubtedly deserves.



Anonymous said...

Fuck that dead son of a bitch! Hope he got his 72 goats! Good news are one less to go! Darwin at it's best!

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