Saturday, 9 April 2011
According to this article in Le Monde, the Danish government plans to cut off free access to the benefits, health care and education systems for foreigners living in Denmark. Foreigners will have to pay for these services in future. 59% of Danes support this initiative, according to an opinion poll. The plan is supported by the Liberal party, which forms part of the ruling coalition; its partner in the coalition, the Conservative party, is sceptical of the initiative, however, because it claims Danish businesses will find it more difficult to attract foreign workers. The "far right" Danish People's Party supports the plan.

As in other west European countries, the social security system, and the state in general, is being bankrupted by the influx work-shy third worlders, mainly Muslims, who are happy to live their whole lives at the expense of dhimmi taxpayers.

The Danish People's Party (the supposed far right) entered parliament in 1998 and since 2001 has helped sustain the minority Liberal-Conservative coalition in power, giving it significant influence over government policy. It has used this influence to restrict third-world immigration by, for example, making it difficult for foreigners to marry Danes; impose stringent integration requirements on foreigners who do settle there; and introduce a voluntary repatriation programme for third-worlders in which they are paid a certain amount of money to leave Denmark. Thousands of third-worlders have already been sent packing in this way.

The DPP has probably been the most successful Counterjihad movement in Europe so far in relation to its practical effect on government policy.


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